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The word "Milonga" translates as "party & dance", and has its roots in more urbanized Latin countries like Spain, Argentina & Cuba. In such a party, musicians and dancers would feed off each other's energy in a sort of musical potluck. Though the gatherings were informal by nature, they became tradition and attracted party goers to the wee hours of the morning. In the summer of 2001, the Latin band, Milonga ws formed by frontman, Nicolas Vigil, with the scope of bringing together various Latino cultures and rythms, in order to provide the local music scene with some much needed diversity. Since its inception, Milonga has grown to become one of the region"s hottest touring and recording artists, headlining at countless festivals and concert series throughout the Pacific NW and beyond. Their tasteful mix of regional musical styles has been compared to a Pan-Latin buffet where the best dishes from all over the Spanish-speaking world are represented. Milonga clearly sits at the head of the table, bringing a flavorful mezcla of hip hop-laced cumbia, disco funk merengue, slammin' mambo, rump-shakin' rumba, reggeton, bomba with a dash of mariachi rap, funked up flamenco & grindy cha cha cha in a delicious blend that's straight out of your abuelita's kitchen. It is safe to say that In a World of Salsa, Milonga is...The Whole Enchilada!!!Click on eack of the photos below for more info on the players.



"Spokane’s Milonga take the stage at 3 p.m. with their hot “Pan-Latin” sound that turns even the manly men in the crowd into hip-shaking Shakiras. They blend the traditional dance music styles of Spain and Latin America with modern jazz and hip-hop, bringing to the table, as they describe it, “the whole enchilada, mixing cumbia, merengue, mambo, rumba, reggaeton, bomba, flamenco y cha cha cha in a delicious blend that's straight out of your abuelita's kitchen.” If that suddenly makes you want to head back to the food booths, too bad because the pull of Milonga’s multi-rhythmic trance will keep you stuck on the dancefloor." - Fall Fest 2009 Preview, Featured in Get Out North idaho"Milonga does such a fine job of getting the emotion across through their music that the listener doesn't necessarily need to speak Spanish in order to understand what the song is about". - Pigout in the Park Preview, 2007"Milonga brought out the salsa crowd and kept them dancing the whole night." - Spokesman Review, 2006





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