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Chris was introduced into Milonga while attending EWU with Brian, Miguel, and Jessie. He took a fill-in gig at the last minute for Milonga, having about a half hour to listen through The Brown Album before a live show at the Swamp Tavern back in '09. Chris then proceeded to lay it down as though he had been in the band for years. Chris was already familiar with Eddie, having performed together numerous times on the Christian circuit. Chris is a Yamaha, Remo and Vic Firth endorsed drummer who has been playing since age 3, and a teacher of music at Hanford high school in Richland, WA where he resides with his lovely wife Wendy. Chris is also a former Montana All-State Jazz perfomer and baseball player, as well as the recipient of the Jazz Montana Scholarship. Chris has toured and performed with many groups as a drummer and works diligently as a composer / arranger. George gave him the name "Pitbull", for his inability to take any lip from Puerto Ricans.

Christopher Newbury - DRUMS





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